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US-4266929-A: Fluid actuated damper control apparatus patent, US-4276680-A: Low cost slide fastener stringer patent, US-4297511-A: Method for the manufacture of polyarylamines having methylene bridges patent, US-4300800-A: Method of rubbling a pillar patent, US-4310442-A: Supported silver catalysts mixed with promoter metal compounds for the production of ethylene oxide patent, US-4335252-A: Insecticidal pyrethroid enantiomer pair patent, US-4382207-A: Luminescent material and discharge lamp containing the same patent, US-4417713-A: Safety belt clamp apparatus patent, US-4442886-A: Floating plate heat exchanger patent, US-4444560-A: Dental instrument-PDL syringe patent, US-4468056-A: Swivel patent, US-4482837-A: Rotary anode for an X-ray tube and a method for manufacturing the same patent, US-4529162-A: Concrete segment molding flask patent, US-4584941-A: Ink duct for printing presses patent, US-4599984-A: Vapor fuel supply systems for internal combustion engines patent, US-4609160-A: Winding device for drawing-in strand materials on a drum patent, US-4631889-A: Fixing devices patent, US-4639450-A: Polyprenylcarboxylic acid morpholides and pharmaceutical compositions patent, US-4657345-A: Laser shield and method of making same patent, US-4661225-A: Method and apparatus for measuring the electrophoretic mobility of migrating particles patent, US-4675632-A: Coaxial line shape resonator with high dielectric constant patent, US-4750409-A: Apparatus for compressing a gas patent, US-4781344-A: Airplane kite patent, US-4795462-A: Cylindrically segmented zone of focus artificial lens patent, US-4799904-A: Compliant tail connector patent, US-4810011-A: Structure in which a small-diameter thin metal tube is fixed at one end to a flange coupling patent, US-4827778-A: Liquid separator patent, US-4836136-A: Developer supplying member patent, US-4846028-A: Fluid-operated wrench patent, US-4932870-A: Dental post and method for making the same patent, US-4976486-A: Sun visor patent, US-5005595-A: Fingernail repair patent, US-5036367-A: Color image forming apparatus patent, US-5134894-A: Inertial masses mediated rotational energy coupler patent, US-5177905-A: Tool attaching/detaching device patent, US-5188053-A: Arrangement in a buoyancy towed body means patent, US-5206697-A: Tunable laser rangefinder and method patent, US-5207153-A: Apparatus for applying printed matter to objects patent, US-5219864-A: Thienopyridine derivatives patent, US-5244046-A: Coiled tubing drilling and service unit and method for oil and gas wells patent, US-5253509-A: Straightening device for a car body patent, US-5284094-A: Pyrotechnic ignition apparatus patent, US-5303410-A: Signal strength meter circuit for radio receiver patent, US-5303479-A: Adjustable vertical axis archery bow sight mount patent, US-5319309-A: Magnetic resonance device and signal combination device patent, US-5341718-A: Launched torpedo decoy patent, US-5492019-A: U-bolt torquing method patent, US-5518348-A: Protective device patent, US-5593627-A: Electrolytic treatment of an electrolytic solution patent, US-5607098-A: Tubular shape finishing apparatus for an electro-resistance-welded pipe patent, US-5649707-A: Clay pigeon and a method for the preparation thereof patent, US-5673592-A: Manually shifted transmission with enhanced automatic range shift patent, US-5719367-A: Welding gun coolant control valve assembly patent, US-5762253-A: Belt conveyor patent, US-5770862-A: Charged particle exposure apparatus, and a charged particle exposure method patent, US-5820156-A: Vehicle suspension system patent, US-5838216-A: Common-mode EMI filter patent, US-5865651-A: Female connector for mating with 3-in-1 IDE interface and power connector with recesses and projections for facilitating engagement patent, US-5880292-A: All-trans-retinol metabolite patent, US-5889226-A: Locking assembly in a launcher for missiles patent, US-5898825-A: Failed command translation technique patent, US-5904264-A: Thermally insulated double-walled synthetic resin container and thermally insulated double-walled synthetic resin lid patent, US-5913683-A: Learning aid patent, US-5929704-A: Control of RF error extraction using auto-calibrating RF correlator patent, US-6120387-A: E-Z-Up golf ball retriever system patent, US-6129069-A: Ignition system for a gas engine patent, US-6137071-A: Multiple-width keyswitch capable of inhibiting noise thereof induced during operation patent, US-6142264-A: Brake device for children's vehicle patent, US-6159987-A: Bicyclolactam compounds, use thereof and intermediates for preparing thereof patent, US-6175247-B1: Context switchable field programmable gate array with public-private addressable sharing of intermediate data patent, US-6182709-B1: Uncoated woven fabric for air bags, and its production process and system patent, US-6191250-B1: Processes for the preparation of a monodisperse polymers, processes for the continuous polymerization of cyclic monomers, and polymers prepared thereby patent, US-6222346-B1: Battery protection device patent, US-6265617-B1: Process for the preparation of 3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexa-3-en-1-one (β-isophorone) by isomerization of 3,5,5- trimethylcyclohexa-2-en-1-one (α-isophorone) patent, US-6351819-B1: Heterogeneous system enclosure services connection patent, US-6392049-B1: Process for preparing 2,4-dihydroxypyridine and 2,4-dihydroxy-3-nitropyridine patent, US-6392963-B1: Children's timer device for indicating waking time and sleeping time patent, US-6428944-B1: Fabrication of gratings in planar waveguide devices patent, US-6433491-B2: Energy converter having a control circuit patent, US-6439060-B1: Dynamic counterbalance for Coriolis mass flowmeters patent, US-6513762-B2: Flap actuator system patent, US-6534885-B2: Adapter for DC power source unit patent, US-6547196-B2: Anchor structure and method patent, US-6560164-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device with internal clock generating circuit patent, US-6624891-B2: Interferometric-based external measurement system and method patent, US-6625071-B2: Memory circuit having block address switching function patent, US-6633403-B1: Image forming apparatus and image processing method for limiting the communication between print controller and print engine based on load of the print engine patent, US-6652289-B2: Vehicle door connector structure patent, US-6681068-B2: Optical waveguide module-mounted device patent, US-3647366-A: Process for the preparation of anhydrous aluminum fluoride patent, US-3649940-A: Adjustable ferroresonant transformer patent, US-3663972-A: Lightweight stretcher patent, US-3703949-A: High-speed printer patent, US-3813044-A: High pressure dosing apparatus, especially for grinding and polishing machines patent, US-3864958-A: Direct display of thermal conductivity profile for non-destructive testing of insulated rocket motor cases patent, US-3962917-A: Respirometer having thermosensitive elements on both sides of a hot wire patent, US-4050333-A: Method of setting saw teeth and device for realization thereof patent, US-4096806-A: Track tamper with hingeable unitary pivotable tamping unit patent, US-4133604-A: Eyeglass retainer patent, US-4250648-A: Apparatus for use in fishing patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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